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AgWeather Documentation

Map View

Map View

Shows the currently available weather stations. Change the variable or region to focus on using the Options on the top left. Use the Menu to access Settings and check the status of the stations, as well as the Disclaimer, Credits, and Privacy.

Tap on a station to bring up the summary data for that station. Where values, e.g., Solar Radiation, are not shown, use the Show Legend button. The legend can be moved if it is in the way.

Station View

Station View

This is a summary view for the station selected. It can be changed using Select Station. Tapping on the variable brings up a graph of the last seven days of data and where possible the seven-day forecast.


Temperature Chart

Tapping on the graph will show the value for that point. The graph can be scrolled using one finger and zoomed using the slider.

Settings View


There are a range of settings that can used to tailor the output to your liking.

Update Data
When this is toggled on, the app will refresh the data at the interval specified
Start Of Chill
Set the data from which to calculate chill portions.
Rainfall Probability
The rainfall forecast probability can be set from 25% to 75%
Show Data Points on Graphs
By default, this is set to off to save clutter. Experiment with this setting to see what suits you.